Draft: 25 April 2021

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Almost all staff are required to have youth protection training in order to register. Some basic training is expected to be completed before the first meeting. All basic staff training for functional roles is expected to be complete in the first 90 days (or less) .


This page focuses on basic leader (position-specific) training and additional training.

Council and District Training Staff

Draft: 25 April 2021

Training staff includes the Council Training Chair, District Training Chairs, training event chairs, course instructors and others.

District Staff Training

Draft: 25 April 2021

  • Most online staff training modules at the BSA Learn Center are grouped into one or more of the following groups:
  • Acclimation
  • Before 1st meeting
  • First 30 days
  • Within 90 days
  • Position Trained
  • Course requirements

Chartered Organization Representative Training

NOTE: Online training modules for the Chartered Organization Representative are available in the BSA Learn Center on My.Scouting


CORs are voting members of the council committee and district committee serving the geographic area where they live. CORs serving on the district committee are encouraged to also complete the district committee training for their functional role.

District Committee Member Training

Draft: 27 April 2021

The online training supersedes the District Committee Workshop – please discontinue use of the in-person District Committee Workshop. The old in-person is very outdated. The newer online training is available in the BSA Learn Center on My.Scouting

Position trained status (D61) will be provided for those who complete their training. Position functional training available online includes:

  • Nominating Chair
  • District Committee Chair
  • District Committee Vice Chair
  • Member at Large
    • Fund Development
    • Membership Chair
    • Program Chair
      • Activities and Civil Service Chair
      • Advancement Chair
      • Camping and Outdoor Chair
      • Training Chair


  • The training award requires 2 years of tenure. The key requires 3 years of tenure.
  • The undated “District Committee Key Progress Record” award form is obsolete. The “district committee workshop” requirement has been replaced by online training. 

District Unit Support Staff

The district unit support staff consists of the district commissioners corps including the district commissioner, unit commissioners, roundtable commissioners, other commissioners and the Exploring program unit support staff.

Award Programs Staff Training

Draft: 27 April 2021

Award Lists

Draft: 26 April 2021

Merit Badge Counselor Training

27 April 2021

All merit badge counselors should seek training. It is important that they have a full understanding of their responsibilities and
also of the recommended practices for quality counseling. Basic online training includes (as of August 2020): 

  • Position trained:  ADVANCEMENT


SAFETY NOTE: Several badges involve activities for which the Boy Scouts of America has implemented strategies to improve safety, enhance the Scouts’ experiences, and manage risk. These activities often require supervision with specialized qualifications and certifications. Merit badge counselors who do not meet the specific requirements may use the services of helpers who do. Additional details can be found below, and also in the Guide to Safe Scouting and the merit badge pamphlets.

Order of the Arrow Advisor Training

STEM Nova Awards Staff Training