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BSA Hazardous Weather Training

Please take or update this training  before  your first outdoor or camping activity. This training must be retaken bi-annually.

Since April 2018 BSA has required adult volunteer direct-contact leaders in all outdoor programs to take the NEW (April 2018) Hazardous Weather Training  (SCO_800).  This training is available online and  must be renewed bi-annually.

This training is included in the basic position-specific leader training for:

  • Cub Scouting  (Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Den Leader, Assistant Den Leader)
  • Scouts BSA (Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster)
  • Venturing (Crew Advisor and Associate Advisor)
  • Sea Scouts BSA (all Adult Leaders)
  • Exploring (Advisor and Associate Advisor)

Note: Since 2018 the Sea Scouts BSA the “basic leader position-specific training requirements” documents have been corrected (or updated) to show all adult leaders, not just the Skipper and Mate are  required to have this training. The LDS Scouting program requirements are no longer listed.


Posted: 2019-09-26;  Updated  2019-09-30

BSA Outdoor Safety Alerts

The BSA Health and Safety and Risk Management teams periodically issue alerts on important issues.


East Bay Alerts & Warning Systems

Updated: 2019-10-27

Dial 911 or a direct emergency services dispatch phone number?

When you call 911 from a cell phone or internet connected mobile device:

  • from some locations you may not be  connected  first to  the local  emergency medical services dispatcher when every second counts. 
  • there is a  chance that police officers and firefighters will not be able to find you using the Global Positioning System (GPS).
  • First tell the dispatcher you name, your location, your phone number and why calling (about one or two sentences).

Be prepared! You can add local numbers to your cell phone or WiFi telephone app.

Do not call 911 (or a 911 dispatcher direct number) for non-emergencies like a noisy party. Many police departments have a separate non-emergency number tor receiving those reports.


Herms District non-municipal emergency dispatch phone numbers

24-hours a day, dial 911 or from a mobile phone dial:

Updated: 2019-09-29

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