COVID-19 Notice 2020

Local health authorities are recommend staying at or near home to slow down the spread of the virus. Hiking opportunities listed here include local hiking trails and BSA council badge hiking programs include hikes outside of the district.

Remember to wash your hand before and after hiking and to wear an approved mask or cloth face covering.

Hiking Opportunities in or near Herms District

El Cerrito Historical Trail

Cub Scout Pack 104

This is a “U” shaped trail located in the city of El Cerrito, California. Total trail Length is 8.0 Miles

  • Western Segment – Del Norte Station to EC Plaza Station: 3.8 Miles
  • Eastern Segment – EC Plaza Station to Del Norte Station: 4.2 Miles

“Stations” referred to are Bay Area Rapid Transit stations.

Booklet is is published with the permission of the author, John Bowen. “.doc” at

Park Land Trails Just NE of the East Bay Hills

The East Bay Hills in Herms District include the Berkeley Hills and El Cerrito Hills, and Camp Herms.

There are other EBRPD parklands located in the Herms District.

Fages Trail(s)

The posted Fages Trail information is obsolete.  In recent years trails (and access to the parklands) has been damaged by storms. Check with the East Bay Regional Park District park websites or offices for current information about trail and access routes.

There is no historical evidence that Pedro Fages climbed the El Cerrito Hills or went up into Wildcat Canyon. His scouts appear to have climbed to the top of the El Cerrito Hills near and north of Camp Herms. He may have camped at Wildcat Creek at the NW end of the hills.

Some of these trails are used by the annual Fages II hiking event (about 20 miles) usually on the first Saturday of June , the American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day.

In recent years this hike has been done once instead of twice a year; and the started and ended at the Alvarado Staging Area in the East Richmond Heights at the NW end of the Wildcat Canyon Regional Park.

McLaughlin Eastshore State Park

8.5 miles of shoreline of the San Francisco Bay extending from the City of Richmond in the north to Emeryville and Oakland in the south. Pedestrian and bicycle trails run almost the entire length of the park and provide a panoramic view of the Bay.

San Francisco Bay Trail

Wildcat Peak

Some Outside-of-Herms-District Hiking Opportunities

Council badge hiking programs include hikes located outside of the Herms District and GGAC.