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Build the Unit – New Unit Organizer (NUO)

New-Unit Organizer and New-Unit Commissioner

The new-unit organizer works closely with the institutional head or executive officer of the chartered organization to put together an organizing team. The new-unit commissioner supports that effort and strives to become a familiar face to that group, taking the lead in helping the team complete some aspects of its responsibilities.

  • The responsibilities of the new-unit organizer and the new-unit commissioner are as follows:
  • While organizing and running the recruitment effort is the membership team’s responsibility, the new-unit commissioner will support the idea that at least 10 youth and five adults are recruited for membership in the unit.
  • The new-unit commissioner encourages the unit to participate in training both during this organization phase and into the future. The new-unit organizer will coordinate with the district training chair to provide initial training and Youth Protection training on an agreed-upon date.
    The new-unit leadership takes Youth Protection training, This Is Scouting, (NOTE: This is Scouting has been discontinued) and position specific training.
  • The new-unit commissioner supports a leadership succession plan to be in place prior to the first charter.
  • The new-unit commissioner introduces the organizing team to the Journey to Excellence and helps them write a vision statement and set goals for the unit. The new-unit commissioner will also introduce the organizing team to Voice of the Scout.
  • The new-unit organizer helps them plan the details for their first meeting and introduces the team to the national first month meeting plan.
  • The new-unit commissioner familiarizes the unit with the district/council calendar and encourages roundtable attendance.
  • The new-unit commissioner schedules an annual program planning meeting led by an experienced district representative.
  • Together, the new-unit organizer and new-unit commissioner will present the charter at a full meeting of the chartered organization.
  • The new-unit organizer and the new-unit commissioner attend the first meeting. From this point on, the new-unit commissioner takes the leading role in mentoring the unit for the next 36 months.
  • The new-unit organizer and the new-unit commissioner ensure that unit leaders and parents are added to council and district email lists so that they receive current event and training information

The NUO is a member of the district membership committee.

During unit formation, the new-unit organizer and the new-unit commissioner work closely together. Market research and determining who to approach to become a chartered organization are membership decisions. The district executive and district commissioner will work with the membership team as they go through this process. Once a decision is made to start a new unit, a new-unit commissioner is immediately assigned to that potential unit and begins to work closely with the new-unit organizer. The district commissioner then signs off on the New-Unit Application. When calling on the prospective chartered organization, the new-unit commissioner may go along on this call, but it is the new-unit organizer’s meeting. The new-unit organizer could be an influential Scouter, an individual experienced in sales, a key volunteer, or an individual who knows the prospective organization and community.


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