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At the unit level, Unit Membership Chair, has been replaced by one or more New Member Coordinators (position code NM). The role has also changed.

Sustaining strong membership in a unit depends partly on reaching new audiences to invite them to join the unit and partly on engaging new members and their families so that they feel welcomed and want to stay. The role of the New Member Coordinator is to ensure that both keys to success take place.

Unit New Member Coordinators

The unit-level New Member Coordinator forms a connection with new members and their families.

Each unit should have one — or, ideally, more than one — New Member Coordinator.

In general, all unit-level New Member Coordinators:

  • Serve as welcoming ambassadors for the unit.
  • Work with the unit committee in developing and implementing the Unit Membership Plan.
  • Participate in New Member Coordinator training and collaborate with the district membership team.

District New Member Coordinator

Sustaining strong membership in a district depends both on having new members join units (recruitment)
and on ensuring that youth and their families are engaged and develop a sense of belonging (retention). The role
of the District New Member Coordinator is to support units and their New Member Coordinators in achieving
both of these keys to success.

Position Training Requirements

Training requirements include Youth Protection training plus basic leader training. Training is available online at the BSA Learn Center accessed via https://www.scouting.org/

New Member Coordinator Basic Training

ModuleTraining Module TitleMinutes
Basic Leader Training Requirements, page 14, dated 3 August 2020.
Source: https://www.scouting.org/training/adult/

Page revised:  2020-09-18