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District Membership Committee Role

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Build the Unit - New Unit Organizer (NUO)

The NUO is a member of the district membership committee.  It is position implemented to support the Unit Performance Guide method of building new units.

The new-unit organizer works closely with the institutional head or executive officer of the chartered organization to put together an organizing team. The new-unit commissioner supports that effort and strives to become a familiar face to that group, taking the lead in helping the team complete some aspects of its responsibilities.

Per “Unit Performance Guide”, vol. 4, gold ed., 522-025, 2016 Printing, Boy Scouts of America.


More: New Unit Organizer

District & Unit New Member Coordinators

Unit New Member Coordinator

Sustaining strong membership in a unit depends partly on reaching new audiences to invite them to join the unit and partly on engaging new members and their families so that they feel welcomed and want to stay. The role of the New Member Coordinator is to ensure that both keys to success take place.

Per “Everything you need to know about the New Member Coordinator”,  position 4, September 25, 2019 by Bryan Wendell, Scouting magazine article: “This role replaced the roles of Unit Membership Chair and Parent Coordinator, which are no longer available.”

What about the district-level New Member Coordinator.

This volunteer, appointed by the District Membership Chair, serves on the District Membership Committee.

Responsibilities include:

  • Serving as advocates, promoters, ambassadors, mentors, supporters, colleagues, champions and cheerleaders for unit-level New Member Coordinators.
  • Sharing the New Member Coordinator concept, ensuring widespread awareness of the benefits of
    units’ having one or more New Member Coordinators.
  • Shaping the role of New Member Coordinators in the district so that the district and units benefit from
    NMC engagement and so that New Member Coordinators are welcomed, trained and supported.

Interested in stepping up and serving in this role? Contact your District Membership Chair or District Executive.

More information

The New Member Coordinator concept and recommended organization was updated in 2019.

Lone Scouting

The primary district purpose is to support units. Lone Scouts and counselors (Cub Scouting and Scouts BSA) are not registered in units.  The council does not have the staff or organizational structure to support a large number of Lone Scouts. Per Scoutbook the BSA national Scouting app development team is working to implement the functionality to support Lone Scouts in the Scouting app.


Scoutreach is an after-school outreach program where the leader is a part-time paid employee.

District Executive Job Objectives

Two primary DE job objectives are fund raising and increasing membership. The district membership committee roles and goals extend beyond just increasing membership.

U.S. Census

94525Crockett8710000US0694525694525ZCTA5 94525, California
94530El Cerrito8710000US0694530694530ZCTA5 94530, California
94547Hercules8710000US0694547694547ZCTA5 94547, California
94564Pinole8710000US0694564694564ZCTA5 94564, California
94569Port Costa8710000US0694569694569ZCTA5 94569, California
94572Rodeo8710000US0694572694572ZCTA5 94572, California
94702Berkeley8710000US0694702694702ZCTA5 94702, California
94703Berkeley8710000US0694703694703ZCTA5 94703, California
94704Berkeley8710000US0694704694704ZCTA5 94704, California
94705Berkeley8710000US0694705694705ZCTA5 94705, California
94706Albany8710000US0694706694706ZCTA5 94706, California
94707Berkeley8710000US0694707694707ZCTA5 94707, California
94708Berkeley8710000US0694708694708ZCTA5 94708, California
94709Berkeley8710000US0694709694709ZCTA5 94709, California
94710Berkeley8710000US0694710694710ZCTA5 94710, California
94720Berkeley8710000US0694720694720ZCTA5 94720, California
94801Richmond8710000US0694801694801ZCTA5 94801, California
94803El Sobrante8710000US0694803694803ZCTA5 94803, California
94804Richmond8710000US0694804694804ZCTA5 94804, California
94805Richmond8710000US0694805694805ZCTA5 94805, California
94806San Pablo8710000US0694806694806ZCTA5 94806, California