The commissioners’ corps with help from the district committee and others provides support to units in the district.


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District Commissioner

Janet McDonald

Roundtable Commissioners

Dave Shaw, Patricia Hunt, Karla Andrade, Raul Andrade

Unit Commissioners

Todd Crum, Rich Kral, Ed Gray, Eric Weinmann, Keith Clayton

Peter Schakow, Janet McDonald, Roy Adam, Steven Jeung, John McDougall, Karen Kondracki, Jack Jackman

Exploring Service Team Member

Ralph Cole.

Sea Scouts, BSA

The Sea Scouts BSA program is supported at the council (and higher level.)  For more see

Commissioner Training

Commissioner training is the responsibility of the Commissioners’ Corps.

Online training is available in the BSA Learn Center at

Position Basic Leader Training Requirements (Aug 2020)

Exploring Service Team Member – p. 5

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District Commissioners, Roundtable Commissioners – p. 8