District Members at Large (DML) Elected January 15th, 2020

Roy Adam
Leonard Bjeldanes
Robert Fabini
George Fosselius
Edward Gray
William Hicks
Eric Johnson
Gary Kirk
Richard Kral
Janet McDonald
Laura Ramos
Peter Schakow
Richard Smith
Douglas Walden
Eric Weinmann
William Wells
David Williams

DML Registration

District Members at Large are “District Scouters” and are register with membership position code “75” per the Registration Guidebook of the BSA (2019).

The annual term of service for DMLs is the same as the council’s charter year, March – February.

(Chartered Organization Representatives serving on the District Committee’s annual term of service is the same as their organization’s registration year – The calendar year in GGAC.)

DML Training

Current DML training is longer and more compressive than previous training. The current  training also varies by District Scouter’s functional role. Current training is available online at the BSA Learn Center found at https://my.scouting.org/