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Website Purpose 

The purpose of this website is to support units and volunteer staff in the Herms District. This website is a child website of GGAC.  For information about what the units in the district have been doing see our facebook timeline or facebook site at for more program information please see the GGAC sites.

Camp Herms, located in the district, has a separate site accessible via the GGAC Camp Facilities page.

Both the camp and district are named after William B. Herms.

Service Area

Herms District is a geographically defined district in Golden Gate Area Council BSA (GGAC) and serves units in the communities of Albany, Berkeley, and West Contra Costa County  (including Crockett, North Richmond, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Hercules, Kensington, Pinole, Richmond, Rodeo, and San Pablo) in northern California.

Unit Programs Supported by GGAC

Cub Scout Family Scouting, Scouts BSA, Venturing BSA, Sea Scouts BSA, Career Exploring, Scoutreach.  STEM Nova Awards, Distinguished Conservation Service Award, and other award programs.

(Fall 2020: Scoutreach is not active in Herms District. STEM Scouts units are not yet available in Herms District. Expected national release of program is 1 January 2021.)

District Communications

  • Units:  Contact information for units is available at the BSA Be A Scout “Scout me in” site.  Deadline for Herms District units to update their Be A Scout map pin information was 1 August 2020.
  • Scouting BSA Merit Badge Counselors (MBC): All Merit badge counselors (MBC) and approved badges are automatically uploaded to Scoutbook from the BSA registration database in ScoutNET via the daily membership upload process (MU.)  Unit leaders (such as Scoutmasters) may obtain MBC contact information via Scoutbook. Due to the council merger and Covid-19, MBC registration was renewed in May 2020 without annual MBC information being reviewed.  MBCs with expired youth protection training (Y01) are not displayed at Scoutbook.
  • District: For security reasons per order of Ed Gray on 6 Aug 2020 district contact information has been removed from or not added to the district websites. Bill Wells is investigating using contact forms. Most communications with units is via telephone, email, and Zoom virtual meetings.
GGAC Herms District, California
Herms District green puzzle map
JTE Gold Dist. Award 2019

Welcome,  The Herms District Website is under construction.

We’ll be adding content as quickly as we can so please keep checking back. And, when you do we hope you’ll find something useful or fun or both!

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